Welcome to The Field of Green where the beautiful game is analysed from the perspective of a player, coach or even a spectator. You will find articles on tactical principles or general philosophies along with regular podcasts involving discussions with other players and coaches. Apart from observations on actual football, I author a fictional series around the game that is episodically published. The pitch has always given lessons to take back which is narrated and compiled here. If you enjoy the finer details of the game of football (or soccer), you have come to the right place.

Latest Feed:

  • Redefining the keeper position
    Exploring Tim Walter’s game model at Hamburg, rotations during buildup and how they use the GK in a very unconventional role
  • The dynamic nature of space on the pitch
    I explore the nature of space and time in the game and theorise how they are interpreted. Should we change the way we see spaces on a tactic board? Has science advanced far enough to interpret spaces the same way as players do?
  • Brighton’s beautiful game
    A tactical analysis of Brighton and Hove Albion under Graham Potter and why I think their positional play is beautiful to watch
  • Bagdhad Boundejah: Is the Desert Fox overdue for Europe? — scout report
    Scout report on the Algerian centre forward Baghdad Bounedjah and what makes him a very intelligent striker
  • When I met a magician
    I grew up learning to play football on the streets of Abu Dhabi. The city was home to hundreds of immigrants, especially from different […]